Over the years, Purbasari Skincare has gained reputable result and has been trusted by the public, becoming their choice when in search for the royal skin-care treatment. Consist of body scrubs, lotions and soaps with many variants that are suitable for various skin types. Enriched with natural ingredients for healthy, glowing and well-groomed skin

Purbasari Makeup is an Indonesian beauty brand known for affordable and high quality color cosmetic. Presenting a range of make up products, Purbasari unites the essence of Indonesian beauty and current trends. Get ready to meet your true mates!

A trusted brand in foot care that focuses on treating dry, darkened and rough skin such as knees, elbows, heels and angkles. Enriched with wheat extract and natural whitening agent to moisturize, smoothen and brighten dry and darkened skin

New Cell is a brand that focuses on antiaging, skincare products that helps remove wrinkles on face and eye area as well as prevent premature aging. Containing Jojoba Oil, which is rich in collagen, keeping your skin moisturized and well-nourished

Specially formulated for hair styling enthusiasts who do routine hairstyling. Enriched with Vit A, C, E, Amino Silicone and Olive Oil that protects hair from heat styling tools . Keep hair healthy, and moisturized, looks luminous with long lasting fragrance

The Cleanface is a skincare brand, complete with facial treatment products with an affordable price. Suitable for pre-teens who want that radiant glow complexion but are budget-friendly

Cleanface consist of Micellar Water, Facial Wash and Smooth Toner that make your skin clean, glowing and healthy

Looking for a safe children's cosmetics? Now Available in Amara Cosmetics for Kids! Carefully formulated and designed to be safe for young children. Enriched with Jojoba Oil and FDA certified, Amara Cosmetics is the public's first choice for our younger customers. With unique packaging and many colors variants for kids to learn while playing

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